Your Plantation Dentist Has An Important Message From Their Hygiene Team!

Woman swishes with mouthwash

At Craig H. Etts, DDS – your Plantation dentists – we practice what we preach. Proof positive of our commitment to optimal preventive oral health care is our wonderful registered dental hygienists. Their goal is to help you to achieve and maintain the optimal oral health that supports a beautiful smile, through diagnostic assessment, prevention, and education. Here’s how your …

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All This Can Be Prevented With Visits To Your Pediatric Dentist in Plantation

Three kids smiling and playing

Cavities can destroy more than your child’s smile Dental caries among our youngest children has become an epidemic. More commonly called cavities or decay, for generations it was assumed that cavities were just a normal part of growing up. Today, at Craig H. Etts, DDS, your Plantation dentist, we know better – decay destroys more than your child’s smile. It …

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Sedation Dentistry Will Put You At Ease During Dental Implant Treatment

a middle-aged couple looking at each other and smiling

Are you like many North Americans who get a sick feeling in their stomach when it’s time to visit the dentist? You’re part of the majority. Up to 75% of the population experiences dental anxiety. And as many as 8% of people avoid booking an appointment at all due to dental phobia – an immobilizing fear. At Craig H. Etts, …

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Preserve Your Beautiful Smile with Root Canal Therapy

Asian woman holds mouth due to tooth pain

Before you read any further, let’s get something out of the way. Root canal therapy – an amazing dental technique that repairs and saves teeth – gets a bad rap. Despite its proven success, amazing outcome, and modern-day technique, we still hear patients ask when treatment is completed, “Wow, is that it?!” This is because the pain associated with root …

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With Teeth Whitening, You Can Say So Long To Tooth Stains!

Caucasion woman head tilted back sunshine smiling

Whichever way you look at it, we’ve got you covered! When you’re unhappy with your smile, it can change how you look at the world – and how you feel others look at you. For many people, the color of their teeth has a big impact on how they feel about their smile. Are you one of them? At Craig …

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Dentist In Plantation Works To Keep You Free Of Gum Disease!

Black couple formal attire smiling

You may have periodontal (gum) disease and not even know it, and as your dentist in Plantation, at Craig H Etts, DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we want to help you avoid the serious health implications that can come with untreated gum disease. We’re not trying to scare you, but … according to the American Academy of Periodontology, nearly half of …

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Don’t Become The Victim Of A Sports Injury

Does your son or daughter play on a school sports team? Are you in a rec league? Listen up! Your preventive dentist in Plantation wants you to get the best protection for your precious smile – a sports mouthguard. Some things are out of our control … but what we can prevent is damage to our smiles caused by contact …

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Is A Smile Saver

If you’re like most people, you’ll have your “wisdom” teeth removed at some point in your life. And wisdom teeth removal is available at many dental practices, including ours – Craig H. Etts, DDS! Perhaps you’ve already undergone this procedure and now your son or daughter is experiencing mouth discomfort due to these large third molars. Is the pain affecting …

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Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants In Plantation?

At Craig H. Etts, DDS, your dentist in Plantation, we believe everyone deserves to experience life with a complete, healthy smile. That’s why we provide restorative dentistry, including dental implants – a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth. Because of this treatment, many people like you are proudly showing off their new and improved look and enjoying the everyday benefits …

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Dental Crowns Can Protect And Reignite Your Smile

At Craig H. Etts, DDS, many of our patients have had dental crowns (or crown & bridge treatment) to restore their beautiful smiles. But many haven’t, and we often get questions about what a crown is and why we would place one. We’re glad to take a moment today to give you a general overview and let you know why …

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